Life Groups

Life Groups are a place where we do life together, as Jesus intended us to. You will experience teaching, accountability, fellowship, and lots of fun through a small group setting.

Our Aim

Life Groups are designed to create a family community reflecting the Acts 2:42 standard that states “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, the sharing in meals, and to prayer.”

Our Staff

Life Group leaders are often pastors or mature members of ILC who have a genuine passion and love for people and a desire to build people within their Life Group.

Our Life Groups


A life group that challenges and equips men to fully take hold of their right standing position, and identity before God in order to lead their homes and families effectively.


This life group is designed for women in all walks of life where we intend to mobilize women to their God given purpose and destiny.


iKids serves to ensure that children at Ignite Life Center and in the community are exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and by doing so iKids will be changing families one child at a time.


Our Young Adults Life group provides tools to young men and women to live a godly life in an ungodly world.


Ignite Youth life groups seek to reach young people in various contexts and see them encouraged and challenged by the love of Christ to live for what matters most.


A life group designed to keep Jesus at the center of each home, the love between each couple and the commitment to keep the sanctity of marriage.