Virtual Life Groups

Life Groups are a relaxed environment where we do life together, just as Jesus intended for us to do. You will experience community, accountability, and lots of fun within a small group.

Life Groups cultivate our faith in Jesus, relationship
with others and our divine purpose.

Life Groups are hosted offically on the Zoom Platform, attendees recieve a Meeting ID from Life Group leaders and gather on their life groups scheduled meeting day and time.


Our Aim

Life Groups are designed to create a family community reflecting the Acts 2:42 standard that states “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, the sharing in meals, and to prayer.”

Our Hosts

Life Group leaders are often pastors or mature members of ILC who have a genuine passion and love for people and a desire to build people within their Life Group.



Pedro Rodriguez ( - English Men: Tuesday, 7:00pm
Agustin Boissen ( - Spanish Men: Saturday, 4:00pm
Alexandra Boissen ( – Spanish Women: Monday, 7:30pm
Genesis Reyes ( – Middle School Females: Monday 6:30pm
Scarlett Godinez ( - YOUNG ADULT FEMALES: Saturday, 7:30 pm
Sofia Porraz (SPORRAZ@IGNITE.ORG) - High school females: Monday, 7:00 pm 
Fausto Silva ( – English Men | Gainesville: moNDAY, 7:00PM
Pastor Nicholas Bruce ( – High School Males: Saturday, 5:30pm
Delilah Rodriguez ( – English Women 1: Saturday 6/27, 7/11, 7/25 at 10:00am
Diego Andres ( – Akatecos: Friday, 6:00 pm
Pastor Nicole Gomez ( – Unbound: Saturday, 4:00pm
Jafet Rivera ( – Young Adult Males: Thursday, 6:30pm
Lisa Bruce ( – English Women 2: Saturday, 8:00pm (Every other week)
Joel Vara (JVARA@IGNITE.ORG) - Middle School Males: tHURSDAY, 6:00PM
Jimmy Torres ( – Worship Matters: SATURDAY, 6PM 
CLAUDIA Zamora (czAmoRA@IGNITE.ORG) Creative Call: Monday, 7:00pm
Pastor Esther Omeben ( - College and Career Females : Thursday, 7:00pm
Maria Godinez ( - Mother’s life group: Thursday, 6:00pm
Claudia Zamora ( - English women’s 4: Tuesday, 7:00pm
Pastor Eunice Luvis ( - Spanish women 2: Tuesday, 9:00am & 7:30pm
Pastor Erick ( - English men 2: Saturday, 9:00am (Every other week)
Pastor Joey Cruz ( - Spanish men 2: Friday, 7:00PM (twice a month)
Pastor Adolfo Gomez ( - Young men’s life group: Sunday, 6:00pm
Tony Rosario ( - Spanish men 3: Thursday, 7:00pm
Mayra Martinez ( - English women 3: Saturday, 10:00am


Our Life Groups (Now Currently Online)

Please Contact Life Group Leaders for updated Covid-19 meeting Times and meeting id's)

Fausto Silva 
5480 NW 43rd St Gainesville FL 32606

Genesis Reyes 
4949 Celebration Pointe Ave, Gainesville, FL 32608

P. Nicholas Bruce 
McDonald’s - 2880 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32609

Jimmy Torres 
904 SW 57th Dr. Gainesville FL 32607

Pedro Rodriguez 
15634 US-441,
Alachua, FL 32615

Agustin Boissen 
15634 US-441, Alachua, FL 32615