Growth Tracks

Growth Tracks is one of many tools Ignite Life Center offers to develop people as they are
becoming the church.

Being a part of ILC is more than just attending. In this four part class, you will be equipped with key habits and disciplines to help nurture and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. You will also discover that you were uniquely created with a divine purpose and call to serve those around you. 



WHO are we? Get a glimpse of Ignite’s history, vision, and core values.


WHAT habits will strengthen my relationship with Jesus? Discover and develop the essential disciplines that enable us to follow Jesus.


HOW has God uniquely designed me? Gain clarity on how your God-given gifts work together to serve with intention and purpose.

TEAM — 401

WHERE do I fit on the team? Learn about various ministry teams and take the first steps towards your deeper purpose of serving the church and community.